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BMC Training provides on 26 Mar 2023 Understanding and Managing Building Services course [Facilities Management Training] in Zurich,Switzerland


This thoroughly practical two-day programme is the ideal course for FM teams who need to develop their understanding of building services in order to ensure:

  • Optimal satisfaction of organisational requirements
  • Efficient and cost-effective maintenance and operation of building services
  • Professional standards of procurement from, and management of, specialist consultants and contractors

Training objectives

To provide a fundamental understanding of building services in the context of:

  • The working environment
  • The success of the core business
  • The health and safety of the occupants
  • Operating cost and environmental impact
  • The optimisation of cost and value
  • Strategies for continuous improvement

Course outlines

Building services fundamentals

  • The function of services in commercial buildings and their importance to the core business 
  • Electrical services 
  • Lighting 
  • Heating 
  • Ventilation and air conditioning 
  • Lifts 
  • Water
  • Understanding IT and communication systems

The provision of comfort and safety

  • Statutory requirements 
  • Health and safety legislation 
  • Control of contractors 
  • Risk assessment 
  • Fire precautions 
  • Legionella, sick building and other risks
  • Business requirements 
  • Understanding user requirements 
  • Matching systems to business needs

Getting the design right

  • What the FM needs to know about design and its procurement 
  • Successful space planning 
  • Relationship between services, space planning and design 
  • Getting the brief right 
  • Supplier selection and management

Operation and maintenance

  • Input and output specifications 
  • Resource options 
  • Contracts principal elements 
  • Tendering key steps 
  • Selection criteria 
  • Operational criteria 
  • Maintenance trends
  • Performance-based service provision 
  • Input and output specifications 
  • KPIs and thresholds 
  • Risk containment 
  • Value-add opportunities 
  • Performance contract strategy

Contingency planning

  • Being ready for the unexpected
  • Identifying and reducing risk 
  • Internal risks 
  • External risks 
  • Identifying threats at your site
  • Managing risk 
  • Protective systems 
  • Occupier obligations 
  • Fire management 
  • Testing

Commissioning services systems

  • Physical commissioning
  • Common problems
  • Typical costs
  • Commissioning stages
  • Continuous commissioning
  • Energy efficiency and the scope for environmental improvement

Satisfying the occupants

  • Obtaining and responding to feedback 
  • When to get feedback 
  • Why 
  • How 
  • What to do with it
  • Practical exercises

Air time

  • Sharing experience and addressing specific issues of interest to participants
  • Course review

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  • Code FMT2
  • DATE    Mar 26 2023 - Mar 30 2023
  • Zurich , Zurich Marriott
  • +44 7493377144
  • [email protected]

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