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BMC Training provides on 28 Mar 2021 Healthcare Management Master Class course [Healthcare Training] in Singapore,Singapore


This is an outstanding course that provides the concepts and tools necessary to enable healthcare managers and policy makers to build better health care systems.

The course provides the delegates with an updated content throughout to make it more international and comprehensive in its coverage of topics. It includes valuable material for healthcare professionals involved in management, research and health policy making.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of healthcare systems, services, organizations and management
  • Describe the challenges of the political and social environment in which healthcare systems and organizations exist, and how that environment is changing.
  • Discuss the characteristics and dynamics which make healthcare organizations so interesting and yet so difficult to lead.
  • Integrate theory and practice and to have the adaptability that come from understanding the nature of management and leadership.
  • Define healthcare leadership and networks: incentives, governance and performance
  • Gain knowledge on allocating resources for healthcare: setting and managing priorities
  • Get a comprehensive overview of the complexities of healthcare organization and management.

Course Outlines

Introduction: The current and future challenges of healthcare management

Health Systems

  • The politics of healthcare and the health policy process: implications for healthcare management
  • Financing healthcare: funding systems and healthcare costs
  • Allocating resources for healthcare: setting and managing priorities
  • Research, innovation and health technology assessment
  • Health and well-being: the wider context for healthcare management
  • Global health policy: governing health systems across borders

Healthcare Services

  • Healthcare services: strategy, direction and delivery
  • Primary healthcare
  • Chronic disease and integrated care
  • Acute care: elective and emergency, secondary and tertiary
  • Mental health
  • Social care

Healthcare Organizations

  • Purchasing healthcare
  • Buildings, facilities and equipment
  • Informatics for healthcare systems
  • The healthcare workforce
  • User perspectives and involvement

Healthcare Management and Leadership

  • leadership and governance
  • Personal and organizational development in healthcare
  • Managing change
  • Managing resources
  • Managing people
  • Quality improvement in healthcare
  • Managing performance
  • Managing strategic collaboration
  • Evidence-based decision making for managers 

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  • TIME    08:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • DATE    Mar 28 2021 - Apr 1 2021
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