/  The Complete Course on Leading Change in Healthcare Transforming Organisations
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BMC Training provides on 24 Jan 2021 The Complete Course on Leading Change in Healthcare Transforming Organisations course [Healthcare Training] in New York,United States


This course is a resource for executives, managers and team leaders in every kind of healthcare organization: hospitals, group practices, home care, research institutes, health professions schools, insurers, regulatory organizations, for-profits, non-profits, and governmental organizations.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Appreciate relationship-centered administration as an effective new approach to the work of organizational change and management.
  • Learn to apply principles of complexity theory, positive psychology and relationship-centered care to organizational behavior and culture change and performance environment.
  • Discuss how organization-wide focus on "right relationships" can result in excellent performance on financial, quality and other measures.
  • Recognize the importance of the leader's authenticity and personal presence, and how these qualities can be developed by deeper engagement and reflection.
  • Restore hope by reinforcing their belief in the possibility of positive and comprehensive organizational change and the creation of collaborative and respectful work environments for employees, patients, families, customers, students and other stakeholders.
  • Grow the body of literature fostering the development of compassionate organizations that focus on people.

Course Outline

Practical Theories

  • Introduction
  • How We Think about Organizations: a Complexity Perspective
  • Positive Psychology and Interpersonal Neurobiology
  • Relationship-centered Care and Administration
  • Authentic, Affirmative and Courageous Presence,

Case Studies

  • Clarian West Medical Center: Creating a Sanctuary of Healing, Commentary: Clarian West Medical Center
  • Growing Relationships on the Turtle’s Back: Family Medicine at Lehigh Valley Health Network Commentary: Family Medicine at Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • AMPATH: Evolution of a Weapon against HIV/AIDS Commentary: AMPATH
  • Community of Influence: Clinician Researchers Join to Make a Difference to People Affected by Consequences of Cancer Treatment, Commentary: Macmillan Cancer Trust
  • Using the Positive Deviance Approach to Reduce Hospital-acquired Infections at the Veterans Administration Healthcare System in Pittsburgh, Commentary: Veterans Administration Pittsburgh Healthcare System,
  • Designing Buildings for Student-centered Learning: The Science Centre at University College Dublin, Commentary: The Science Centre at University College Dublin
  • The Harvard Vanguard Kenmore Practice Experience: a Focus on Human Development and Relationship Building, Commentary: Harvard Vanguard Kenmore Practice
  • Transforming the Professional Culture of a Medical School from the Inside Out, Commentary: Indiana University School of Medicine

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  • DATE    Jan 24 2021 - Jan 28 2021
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