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BMC Training provides on 19 Sep 2021 Managing Healthcare Outcomes course [Healthcare Training] in London,UK


The course focuses on the processes of healthcare evaluation, which seek to analyze healthcare interventions available to healthcare consumers in terms of four principle dimensions:  effectiveness, efficiency, humanity, and equity.  

Careful attention to the basic principles of epidemiology, healthcare economics, medical ethics, population medicine, medical informatics and environmental health have also been included in this comprehensive course to increase the delegates' appreciation for the applied medical sciences and their applications to the delivery of healthcare services at the point of care.  

Course Objectives

On completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Apply an integrated approach to managing patients within the healthcare delivery system that is based on principles of science and scientific inquiry.
  • Discuss a number of different measuring methodologies, their strengths and weaknesses as they apply to healthcare outcomes management and planning
  • Demonstrate the changes in patient’s rights and the swing to consumerist model of healthcare delivery.
  • Gain a better understanding of which healthcare interventions will enhance the patient’s overall health, functionality and quality of life.
  • Identify the basic principles of epidemiology, healthcare economics, medical ethics, population medicine, medical informatics and environmental health

Course Outline

Introduction to Healthcare Outcomes

  • Management and Planning
  • History of Quality Management-A Starting Point
  • Basic Principles of Quality Management

Quality Improvement in Health Care- Donabedian's

  • Principles of Quality Improvement
  • Introduction to Donabedian's Principles of Quality Improvement
  • The Meaning of Quality Assurance
  • Targets of Quality Assurance
  • Components of Quality Assurance
  • The Quality Monitoring Cycle
  • Foundations of Quality Assurance
  • Components of Quality in Health Care
  • Monitoring and Improving Clinical Performance
  • Structure, Process, and Outcome
  • Understanding Healthcare Outcomes Management and Planning Using Donabedian's Model
  • Donabedian's Guidelines for Using Healthcare Outcome Management and Planning as an Indicator of Quality Healthcare Delivery
  • Donabedian's Classifications of Outcomes

Healthcare Delivery in the 21st Century- A Report from the Institute of Medicine

  • Introduction to the Report
  • The Need for Change 
  • Establishing Aims for the 21st Century Healthcare Delivery System
  • Formulating New Rules to Redesign and Improve Care 
  • Improving Outcomes of Common Conditions
  • Organizational Supports for Change
  • Establishing a New Environment for Healthcare Delivery 
  • Applying Evidence to Healthcare Delivery
  • Using Information Technology
  • Aligning Payment Policies with Quality Improvement
  • Preparing the Workforce

Systems Approach to Healthcare Outcomes Management and Planning

  • Introduction to Systems in Health Care
  • The Scientific Paradigm 
  • The Healthcare "System" 

The Biomedical Point of View

  • Introduction to Biomedicine
  • Cartesianism  
  • Empiricism 
  • Western Biomedical Doctrine

The Biopsychosocial Point of View

  • The Biopsychosocial Approach to Clinical Medicine 
  • Clinical Practice and the Biopsychosocial Approach
  • Eliciting the Patient's Story and Life Circumstances 
  • Integrating Biological, Psychological, Social, and Environmental Domains
  • Centrality of Relationships in Providing Healthcare Services 
  • Understanding the Clinician 
  • Focus the Approach for Clinical Practice
  • Providing Multidimensional Treatment
  • The Future of Clinical Biopsychosocial Practice

Applied Healthcare Outcomes Management- A Primer on Epidemiology

  • Introduction to Epidemiology
  • Areas of Concentration 
  • Natural History of Disease
  • Epidemiologic Methodology
  • Basic Epidemiologic Measurement
  • Epidemiological Observations
  • Clinical Epidemiology 

Healthcare Evaluation Design

  • Introduction to Healthcare Evaluation Design
  • Purpose of Evaluating Healthcare Delivery
  • Four Dimensions of Healthcare Evaluation
  • Healthcare Evaluation Design and Development
  • Positivism  vs. Relativism 
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methodology 
  • Experimental Healthcare Evaluations
  • The Randomized Control Trial-The Gold Standard of Experimental Evaluations in Health Care 
  • Observational Healthcare Evaluations

Measuring Patient Satisfaction

  • Introduction to Measuring Patient Satisfaction
  • The Assessment of Patient Satisfaction
  • Measuring Humanity
  • Humanity and Patient Satisfaction
  • Quantitative Methods for Measuring Patient Satisfaction 
  • The Eleven Stages of Quantitative Survey Design
  • Qualitative Methods for Measuring Patient Satisfaction 

Measuring Cost-Effectiveness

  • Introduction to Healthcare Economics
  • Evidence-based Medicine 
  • Value-based Medicine 
  • The Management of Value
  • Cost-Utility Analysis
  • The Benefits of Value-based Medicine
  • Barriers to Entry for Value-based Medicine
  • Healthcare Economics and Its Contribution to Outcomes Management and Planning
  • Economic Healthcare Analysis
  • The Future of Value-based Medicine

Measuring Equity

  • Introduction to Medical Ethics
  • Ethics and Justice 

Population-based Medicine in Healthcare Outcomes Management and Planning

  • The Point of Care 
  • Population Health Perspective 
  • Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Demand Management 
  • Disease Management 
  • Disability Management
  • Endocrine 

Environmental Health and Outcomes Management and Planning

  • Ecosystems and Population Health Environmental Health Management
  • Systems Model for Environmental Change
  • Hazard  vs. Risk 
  • Environmental Health Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management

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