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BMC Training provides on 21 May 2023 HR Business Partner-Roles,Responsibilities and Competencies course [Human Resource Management] in Madrid,Spain

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to: 

  • Describe the full implications of the modern role of in HR in becoming the ‘architect of the talent machine’
  • Recognize how the role of HR business partner can add value to the organization and contribute to the achievement of planned objectives
  • Identify that the role of HR business partner is actually made up of four jobs, not just one
  • Apply the various roles and responsibilities associated with the role of HR business partner
  • Develop and demonstrate the fundamental competencies required for an effective HR business partner performance

The Contents:

Traditional HR: Service Provider

  • Traditional definition of HR: get, keep, grow
  • Overview of traditional HR functions
  • HR now and then
  • Competency based HR
  • Lagging HR indicators: is HR hitting the wall?

The new HR: from service provider to ‘architect of the talent machine’

  • HR modern day definition: business results, not just HR results
  • Anatomy of the HR challenge
  • HR management risk
  • The corporate talent system; an integrated approach
  • Attracting and acquiring talent
  • Understanding and planning talent
  • Extending talent
  • Managing and developing talent

The fundamental HR business partner model (Ulrich model)

  • Definition of HR business partner
  • The fundamental Ulrich model: four roles to play
  • Strategic partner
  • Administrative expert
  • Employee champion
  • Change agent
  • Application of the Ulrich model: four jobs for an HR business partner
  • Strategic partner
  • Operations manager
  • Emergency responder
  • Employee mediator
  • Impact on the business of the different jobs of the HR business partner.
  • An example of HR business partner process related responsibilities
  • The SHRM job description for the HR business partner role

Skills and Competencies for HR Business Partners – Part One

  • Data judgment
  • Business acumen
  • Knowledge business strategy, market challenges and customer needs
  • Focus on organization’s financials
  • Leading vs. lagging indicators
  • Demonstrating strong business analytics
  • Talent management acumen
  • Workforce planning
  • Succession planning
  • Talent acquisition
  • Talent retention
  • Strategic partner
  • Understanding how HRBPs can support the business
  • Understanding the talent needs of the business
  • Adjusting HR strategies to respond to changing business needs
  • Identifying talent issues before they impact the business
  • Identifying and implementing critical HR metrics
  • Aligning HR KPIs with organizational KPIs
  • Use of HR KPIs in measuring the impact of HR initiatives that contribute to the bottom line.

Skills and Competencies for HR Business Partners – Part Two

Operations Manager

  • Mastering HR theory and adapting it to unique situations
  • Flawless implementation of HR policies, procedures and systems
  • Communicating organizational culture to employees
  • Assessing employee attitudes
  • Tracking trends in employee behavior
  • Communicating policies and procedures to employees
  • Keeping the line manager updated on HR initiatives

Employee Mediator

  • Managing conflict between employees
  • Managing competing personalities in the organization
  • Managing conflict between managers
  • Responding to organizational changes
  • Resolving problems in the execution of business plans

Emergency Responder

  • Quickly responding to line manager questions
  • Quickly responding to complaints
  • Responding to manager’s needs
  • Responding to employee’s needs
  • Preparing for different situations

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