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BMC Training provides on 27 Jun 2021 Employee Engagement and Retention course [Human Resource Management] in Singapore,Singapore


Managers who want to know the secrets of employee engagement, how it leads to improved productivity and customer service and how to encourage employees to go the extra mile.


  • Understand the value of employee engagement to an organization and explain it.
  • Measure the level of employee engagement in their organization.
  • Design, carry out and interpret engagement surveys.
  • Design, build and implement the requirements for an engagement culture.
  • Identify, develop and champion the required change initiatives.
  • Measure and track the impact of engagement on business performance.


Introduction and Overview

  • Employee Engagement – What It Is, How it Works and Why It Matters
  • Why Employee Engagement Is Important to Your Organization
  • How You Can Measure Engagement in Your Organization
  • Employee Engagement – From People to Profits
  • The Doom and Gloom of a Disengaged Workforce – How to Turn It Around

The Drivers for Employee Engagement

  • Understanding the Drivers of Engagement
  • The Right and Wrong Drivers
  • The 7 Pillars of Engagement
  • The Engagement Model – How it Works
  • The Benefits of a Committed Workforce – Retention and Productivity
  • Creating a Great Place to Work

Surveys Are You Engaged or Married?

  • What You Need to Knowand How You Go About Finding Out
  • Employee Engagement Surveys – Designing and Conducting
  • Employee Engagement Surveys – Analyzing and Interpreting the Data
  • Benchmarking – How Good or Bad Are You
  • Reporting on Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Giving Employees Feedback
  • International Survey Findings

Day Four

Rules of Engagement – Is it War?

  • The Talent War – The Cost of Losing It
  • Closing the Engagement Gap – How Great Companies Unlock Employee Potential for Superior Results
  • Involving and Empowering Employees
  • Building the Employee Brand – What an Engaged Employee Looks Like
  • Building High Performance Teams

Building an Engagement Culture

  • Developing an Engagement Strategy
  • Values – The Linkage to Culture
  • Tools, Tips and Advice for Employee Engagement
  • Communication and Engagement
  • CEO – Chief Engagement Officer
  • Leadership that Ignites Passion
  • Using Metrics to Stay on Track

Change Embrace It or Go Broke

  • Transforming a Conservative Company - The Power of Laughter
  • The Change Competencies
  • The 8 Stages of Change – The Kotter Model
  • Is your Iceberg Melting – What it Might Mean for You or Your Organization
  • Engagement Is Not Enough
  • The Momentum Is with You – Keep it Going

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  • TIME    08:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • DATE    Jun 27 2021 - Jul 1 2021
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