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BMC Training provides on 16 Jul 2023 Compensation and Benefits Management course [Human Resource Management] in Zurich,Switzerland


This program is designed for:

  • Professionals working in the function who wish to acquire relevant knowledge and skills,
  • and those working in other areas of Human Resources who wish to broaden their understanding of this important function.


  • Explain the basic principles and major elements of compensation.
  • Apply the various processes in compensation: job analysis, job descriptions and Job Evaluation.
  • Determine and explain what constitutes a sound and effective compensation and benefits program.
  • Design a salary structure and related policies.
  • Describe the basic compensation survey process.


Managing Compensation – An Overview

  • Compensation Objectives, Components and Factors Affecting Compensation
  • Effective Compensation Management System

Job Analysis and Job Descriptions

  • The Need for Job Descriptions
  • Principal Approaches to Job Analysis
  • Carrying Out the Job Analysis Process
  • The Main Components of a Job Description
  • Job Description Writing – Practical Application

Job Evaluation

  • Job Evaluation Defined
  • Job Evaluation Methods
  • The System Explained
  • The Hay System: An Overview
  • Job Evaluation Guidelines
  • Sources of Error

Compensation Systems

  • Main Compensation Policies
  • Factors Affecting Pay Levels
  • Paying for Competence
  • Basic Salary Structures
  • Salary Structure Design
  • The Right Number of Grades
  • Spread and Progression

Allowances as Part of Total Pay

  • Purpose of Allowances
  • Nature of WorkAllowances
  • Non Nature of Work Allowances
  • Regional Practices

Understanding Benefits

  • Definition and Purpose of Benefits
  • Categories of Benefits
  • Regional Practices
  • Managing an Effective Benefits Program
  • Main Features of a Long Term Benefit Plan

Introduction to Compensation Surveys

  • Purpose of Surveys
  • Designing and Carrying Out a Compensation Survey
  • Compensation Survey Reports

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  • DATE    Jul 16 2023 - Jul 20 2023
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