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BMC Training provides on 20 Nov 2022 Advanced Employee Relations course [Human Resource Management] in Munich,Germany


Senior employees in Employee Relations- Human Resources or Personnel and Administration who are directly or indirectly responsible for supporting employees while protecting the organization.


  • Define Employee Relations from a legal perspective and link it with the labor law.
  • Use the legal and ethical approach in dealing with personal issues of employees.
  • Conduct reliable opinion surveys aimed at assessing organizational health.
  • Provide tangible support to other HR functions in establishing and implementing a fair performance management culture.
  • Implement a recognition system aimed at enhancing employee retention.
  • List the main steps in dispute resolutions and use them to protect both employees and the organization.
  • Establish a code of conduct and compliance culture in the organization.


Day One

Understanding Employee Relations (ER)

  • The Importance of Knowing the Labor Law
  • The Labor Law Definition of Employee Relations
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities
  • Accountabilities for Employers and Organizations
  • The Importance of Balancing Rights of Both Parties

?Day Two

Managing Personal Issues

  • The Definition of a Personal Issue
  • Deciding on Counseling Tactics
  • The Importance of Drawing the Line between Coaching and Counseling
  • Approaches to Counseling
  • Providing Counsel without Harming Organizational Interests and Accountabilities
  • When to Avoid or Refuse Providing Counsel
  • The Responsibilities of ER Counselors

?Day Three

Employee Surveys

  • The Difference between Opinion and Morale Surveys
  • Approaches to Measuring Morale Surveys
  • The Use of Subjective and Objective Data
  • The Main Key Performance Indicators in Morale Surveys
  • Establishing an Employee Morale Index

Performance Management (PM)

  • The Role of ER in Managing Performance
  • The Components of a Fair Performance Management System
  • Measuring the Tangibles: How to Use Goals and Targets in a PM System
  • Measuring the Intangibles: The Role of Competencies and Values in Measuring Performance

?Day Four

Employee Recognition

  • The Essentials of a Recognition Program
  • Tangible and Intangible Rewards
  • Linking Performance with Pay: The Role of ER
  • Dealing with Underperformers

Dispute Resolution

  • The Definition of a Dispute
  • Differences between Disputes - Conflicts and Differences of Opinion
  • What the Labor Law Says about Disputes
  • The Policy and Procedure for Dispute Resolution
  • The Main Steps in Resolving Disputes
  • Escalating Disputes: What to Do When Disputes Are Irreconcilable

?Day Five

Employee Grievances

  • The definition of a grievance
  • Grievances versus complaints versus whining
  • The grievance handling procedures: recommended steps
  • Grievance rate and grievance resolution rate
  • The main KPIs for measuring your grievance resolution ratio

Codes of Conduct and Compliance

  • The Definition of a Code of Conduct
  • The Role of ER in Establishing Codes of Conduct
  • The Main Sections in a Code of Conduct Manual
  • Compliance Issues: The Role of ER

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