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BMC Training provides on 21 Nov 2021 Professional Interviewing Skills course [Human Resource Management] in Singapore,Singapore


Recruitment and selection employees whose duties involve attracting, short listing and selecting candidates to fill vacancies. The program is also designed for professionals working in recruitment agencies and executive search firms.


  • Define the importance of interviewing as a method of selection.
  • List the common mistakes untrained interviewers commit and define ways to overcome them.
  • Discover the main types of selection interviews and when and how to use each.
  • Design an interview guide and use it in order to collect ‘code-able’ data from interviewees.
  • Use probing techniques designed to uncover behavioral characteristics of applicants.
  • Utilize data collected from interviews to produce meaningful interview reports which will help in the decision-making process.


The HR Administrator in Organizations

  • Differences between Bad and Good Interviews

The Interview as a Method of Selection

  • Selection Methods
  • Prevalence of the Interview as a Selection Method
  • The Reliability and Validity of Interviews
  • Problems with Typical Interviews: Before, During and After
  • Improving Interviewing Reliability

Types of Selection Interviews

  • Screening and Biographical Interviews
  • Serial and Sequential Interviews
  • Panel Interviews
  • Structured Interviews
  • Competency-Based Interviews (CBI)
  • Competencies Defined
  • Behavioral and Performance Indicators
  • Job Profiles and Job Descriptions

Pre-Interview Steps

  • Preparing a CBI Guide
  • Standardizing the Questions
  • Deciding on the Rating Scale
  • Organizing Venue and Material

Structure of an Interview

  • Introduction Techniques
  • Opening Statements/Questions
  • Conducting the Interview
  • Closing the Interview

Interview Questions

  • Open and Closed Questions
  • Hypothetical Questions: When and How
  • Leading Questions and How They Should Be Used
  • Probing and Fact Finding Questions
  • STAR Probing Techniques
  • FACT Funneling Techniques
  • Disallowed Questions

Post Interview Steps

  • Classifying and Evaluating Captured Data
  • Quantifying Intangibles
  • Producing Interview Reports
  • The Selection Decision

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  • Code HRM39
  • TIME    08:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • DATE    Nov 21 2021 - Nov 25 2021
  • Singapore , Ibis Singapore Novena
  • +44 7493377144
  • Support@bmc.net

Fees Per Person

7000 GBP + VAT
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