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Pay Attention Please ! The course location "London Paddington" is subject to availability . We may change the course location if there is no availability and we will let you know about the location changing directly if it changes. The exact course time will be clear before one week prior to course start date and it might be changed at anytime.
BMC Training provides on 24 Oct 2021 Leadership and Strategic Impact course [Management and Leadership] in London,UK


This course will boost you to the next level of strategic management. This highly interactive course will challenge Managers to think about their leadership role and their contribution to strategy development and/or implementation.

This course will provide delegates with the information to understand the latest thinking in the field of strategy and will challenge them to use latest thinking methods and tools to gain a deeper understanding of their own organisation's strategic strengths and weaknesses.

In this course, delegates will expand their strategic capability, be agile in responding to both internal and external changes, sharpen their individual leadership skills, and respond to the challenge of balancing operational excellence while keeping a focus on company strategy.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Examine their higher level of strategic management and thinking
  • Know how to develop a dynamic approach to managing strategy
  • Understand the difference between strategic planning and strategic thinking
  • Practice strategic thinking and analysis at an advanced level
  • Learn how to communicate your strategy to engage with your people


Day One

Strategic Challenges faced by Leaders

  • What is strategy? Are corporate strategy and competitive strategy different?
  • The problems of strategic planning
  • Popular strategy tools - understanding their limits
  • Understanding the business environment
  • How do we measure success?
  • Strategic thinking methods and tools

Day Two

New Approaches to Strategy Development

  • Competitive strategy
  • Resource-based strategy
  • Blue Ocean strategy
  • Disruptive strategy
  • Emergent strategy
  • What approach should be used?

Day Three

Strategic Leaders: Influence and communication

  • Setting Corporate Direction: Mission, Vision and Values
  • Strategic analysis
  • Strategy formulation – choices and risks
  • Developing a strategic plan
  • Define strategic objectives, measures and targets
  • Strategy Maps – behaviours and outputs

Day Four

What you measure is what you get

  • Use Balanced Scorecard to improve management and business processes
  • Reporting: dashboards and traffic lights
  • Develop operational plans: Budgets and financial accounts
  • Matching outcomes to resources
  • Gather and analyse operational data
  • Use data to review and strengthen strategies

Day Five

Personal challenge - Plan to Act   

  • Review your organisation’s mission, vision and values
  • Analyse your business’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats
  • Recommend a strategy for your business
  • Elements of a business plan for your business
  • The planning process: improvement?
  • How to gain a commitment to action

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  • TIME    08:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • DATE    Oct 24 2021 - Oct 28 2021
  • London , London Paddington
  • +44 7493377144
  • Support@bmc.net

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