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BMC Training provides on 12 Sep 2021 ASQ Certified Manager of Quality - Organizational Excellence Refresher course [Quality and Productivity] in Rome,Italy


Who should attend:

Individuals who desire to reinforce their skills, knowledge, and capacity to understand the Certified Manager of Quality/ Organizational Excellence Body of Knowledge in preparation for taking the ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Examination.


  • Review the Body of Knowledge in preparation for the ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence examination.
  • Apply the components of the Body of Knowledge (BOK) to further focus their preparation efforts.
  • Explain, through discussions, the main concepts in each of the BOK elements.
  • Refine their thinking approach in preparation for the ‘constructed response’ section of the examination.
  • Practice sample tests.
  • This course is designed and developed by ASQ’s Quality Management  Division. The course is presented in a way that reinforces current knowledge, re-introduces applications that may not be used every day, explains the rationale for use,
  • and highlights sample questions, both multiple choice and constructed response.

NOTE 1: This course has pre-course reading assignments along with a practice test. Evening homework is also assigned during the course.
NOTE 2: The Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence book (By R. Westcott) will be used as the main handbook for  training and will be provided to participants on the first day.


Introduction: Course Materials, Practice Questions and Bloom’s Taxonomy

  • Body of Knowledge, Preparation Tips, Suggestions for More Effective Test-Taking

Organizational Leadership, Teams Strategy Development and Deployment

  • Leadership Styles
  • Teams and Team Building Techniques
  • Change Management

Strategic Plan Development and Deployment

  • Strategic Planning Models
  • Business Environment Analysis
  • Strategic Plan Deployment
  • Organizational Performance Measurement

Management Elements and Methods

  • Principles of Management
  • Management Theories, Styles and Tools
  • Human Resources Management
  • Financial Management
  • Risk Management
  • Communication Skills and Abilities
  • Project Management
  • Project Documentation
  • Quality System
  • ISO and Other Third-Party Standards
  • Other Quality Methodologies
  • Quality Philosophies

Quality and Process Management Tools

  • The Seven Classic Quality Tools
  • Mapping the Process
  • Analyzing the Process
  • Innovation and Creativity Tools
  • Lean Tools
  • Theory of Constraints (TOC)
  • Basic Statistical Use
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Process Capability
  • Qualitative Assessment

Customer-Focused Organizations

  • Customer Identification and Segmentation
  • Internal and External Customers
  • Customer Needs – Voice of the Customer
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Basic Customer Service Principles

Supply Chain Management

  • Supplier Selection and Communications
  • Supplier Performance and Improvement
  • Supplier Certification, Partnership and Alliances

Training and Development

  • Training Needs Analysis and Plans
  • Training Material Design and Delivery
  • Training Effectiveness and Evaluation

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Course Details
  • Code QAP9
  • TIME    08:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • DATE    Sep 12 2021 - Sep 16 2021
  • Rome , Radisson Blu
  • +44 7493377144
  • Support@bmc.net

Fees Per Person

6500 GBP + VAT
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