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BMC Training provides on 2 Oct 2022 Process Management - Mapping and Improvement course [Quality and Productivity] in Singapore,Singapore


Who should attend:

Individuals involved in improvement projects, processes identification, work design, productivity improvement or quality auditing initiatives.   


  • Define process definitions and importance  of processes in their organization.
  • Examine elements of a business process.
  • Develop process maps and measure performance.
  • Apply process assessments for core, support and linkage processes.
  • Analyze, simplify and improve processes.


Process Definitions and Elements

  • Process Definition
  • Process Approach to Improvement
  • Advantages of Process Mapping
  • Elements of a Process
  • Benefits of Process Maps
  • Attributes of a Process Map:
    • Who Is the Customer?
    • What Is Critical to their Satisfaction?
    • Where Can we Obtain Process Performance Data?
    • How Well Do our Processes Satisfy their Needs?
    • What Is our Business Value Chain?
    • What Is Process Efficiency and Effectiveness?
    • Stakeholders Analysis

Understanding Process Approach as per International Quality Standards

  • Understanding  Process Approach
  • Process Characteristics
  • The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Approach
  • Opportunities  in Terms of Reducing Cycle Time, Defects and
  • Non Value-Added

Process Assessments Approaches

  • Key Terms
  • Mapping  Process
  • Types of Mapping Tools
    • Simple Flow Charting
    • Geo Graphs, Spaghetti/Workflow Diagrams
    • Swim Lane (Deployment) Flowcharts
    • Supplier-Input-Process-Output-Customer Charts (SIPOC- Six Sigma Projects)
    • Value-Added/Non-Value Added Analysis
    • Value Stream Maps
    • Cycle Time Map
  • Process Hierarchy
  • Process Maps Symbols
  • IDEFO Process Map
    • Non Value-Added Analysis
  • Lean Thinking to Reduce Waste in Processes
  • The Eight Types of Waste Found in Processes
  • 5S – A Framework to Organize and Maintain your Workplace
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

AProcess Analysis and Improvement

  • Customer Oriented Processes
  • Support Oriented Processes
  • Management Processes
  • Diagnosis of a Process
  • Analyzing and Improving a Process
  • Turtle Diagram
  • Using Process Maps to Identify Root Causes
  • 12 Cornerstone Tools to Process Streamlining
  • Problem-Solving Techniques
  • Process Auditing as a Tool for Continuous Improvement
  • Process Mapping in Six Sigma Projects

Process Measurement and Benchmarking

  • Why Measure?
  • Setting Targets
  • Process KPIs
  • Benchmarking and the Balanced Scorecard

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  • TIME    08:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • DATE    Oct 2 2022 - Oct 6 2022
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