/  Understanding and Implementing Six Sigma
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BMC Training provides on 6 Nov 2022 Understanding and Implementing Six Sigma course [Quality and Productivity] in Singapore,Singapore


This program is designed for:

Managers, supervisors and professionals who wish to understand Six Sigma, its use and how it relates to work and business improvement.


  • Define and understand Six Sigma and why it is necessary to sustain business improvement.
  • Apply the DMAIC problem-solving method.
  • Explain the role of Six Sigma in customer service and continual improvement.
  • Explain how to implement and deploy Six Sigma (Yellow Belt level).
  • Assess organization readiness to launch a Six Sigma project.


Introduction of Quality

  • What is Quality and History of Quality
  • Benefits of Quality Systems
  • Meet the ISO 9000 Family
  • Cost of Poor Quality
  • Evolution of Quality Management
  • Quality Management Principles and Six Sigma
  • Quality Maturity Ladder

Definitions of Six Sigma

  • What is Six Sigma and What Does Sigma Mean?
  • History of Six Sigma
  • Why Should Organizations Use Six Sigma?
  • Savings from Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma as an Improvement Strategy

Six Sigma in Customer Service

  • Effects of Six Sigma on Customer Satisfaction and VOC
  • Levels of Sigma Performance
  • The Kano Model and Quality Function Deployment
  • The Fruit of Six Sigma

Implementing Six Sigma

  • The Methodology
  • The DMAIC Stages (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control)
  • Roles for Managers and Employees
  • Six Sigma and Lean
  • Roles of Green Belts and Black Belts

Problem-Solving Using Six Sigma

  • Six Sigma Tool Box
  • Control Charts
  • Pareto Charts
  • Cause and Effect Diagrams
  • Why-Why Diagrams
  • Scatter Diagrams
  • The Turtle Diagram

Statistical Analysis in Six Sigma

  • Sigma as a Metric
  • Sources of Variation
  • Calculation of Process Capability and Sigma Level
  • The Commute Example
  • Software Used in the Analysis

Deployment of Six Sigma

  • Project Selection and Charter Importance
  • Leadership and Employee Involvement

Corporate Commitment: 10 Questions for Leaders

  • Selection of Six Sigma Projects: Guidelines
  • Characteristics of a Successful Six Sigma Project
  • Sources of High Impact Opportunities
  • Characteristics of Projects to Avoid

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  • DATE    Nov 6 2022 - Nov 10 2022
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