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Pay Attention Please ! The course location "London Paddington" is subject to availability . We may change the course location if there is no availability and we will let you know about the location changing directly if it changes. The exact course time will be clear before one week prior to course start date and it might be changed at anytime.
BMC Training provides on 19 Jan 2020 Radiation Safety - Safely Working with Radioactive Materials course [Safety Training] in London,UK


This highly-interactive training course will provide you with all the necessary information and abilities to successfully understand both ionising and non-ionising types of radiation materials and, how to effectively manage these radiation materials safely and with confidence to ensure personnel health and safety and/or to prevent potential environmental impacts.

Most business sector (industry, commercial and service) organisations use, store and dispose of radioactive materials within their normal day-to-day business activities, these business sectors include:

  • Oil and gas industry (offshore and onshore facilities)
  • Medical facilities (hospitals and clinics)
  • Service industries (laboratories, etc,.)
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Plus, many other business sectors
  • Personnel need to be fully informed, trained and monitored to ensure they are not exposed to radiation materials during their work activities and/or when using, storing or disposing of radioactive sources.

This course will highlight:

  • The various types and harmful properties of ionising and non-ionising radiation
  • The importance and how to effectively carry out radiation exposure assessments
  • Understanding key radiation safety management and protection principles
  • The biological effects of radiation exposure to the human body


At the end of this course, participants will learn to:

  • How to carry out radiation exposure assessments
  • How to define the two types of radiation
  • How to determine the effects of radiation exposure on personnel
  • How to develop and implement radiation control procedures
  • How to transport, transfer and dispose of radiation materials

The Course Contents

Fundamentals of Radiation Safety

  • What is radiation?
  • Types of radiation sources (ionising & non-ionising)
  • Understanding risk from radiation
  • Man-Made radiation materials
  • Radiation materials used in industry

Effects of Radiation on the Human Body

  • Units of radiation exposure and dose concentrations
  • Radiation effects on Human Body
  • Categorising radiation exposure effects
  • Exposure to radiation (acute & delayed)
  • Dose Limits of acceptable radiation exposure

Radiation Exposure Risk Assessment

  • Key exposure assessment elements
  • Determining potential radiation exposure pathways
  • Identifying radiation exposure and short and long term effects
  • Evaluating exposure durations and concentrations
  • Estimating radioactive chemical and/or particulate impacts

Radiation Management & Control Procedures

  • Security of radioactive materials
  • Radiation exposure monitoring and detection methods
  • Radiation protection solutions (time, distance & shielding)
  • Laboratory radiation safety processes
  • Radiation precautions and safety procedures

Radiation Management Principles

  • Waste disposal of radioactive materials
  • Transport and transfer of radioactive materials
  • Safe procurement and quarantine of radiation materials

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Course Details
  • Code SAF7
  • TIME    08:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • DATE    Jan 19 2020 - Jan 23 2020
  • London , London Paddington
  • +44 2087206971
  • Support@bmc.net

Fees Per Person

5950 GBP + VAT
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