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BMC Training provides on 27 Jun 2021 The Advanced Executive Assistant Program course [Secretarial and Administration] in Singapore,Singapore


This program is designed for:

Senior administrators, office managers, executive assistants and supervisors of junior staff who already possess the essential administration skills and seek to move their career further up.


  • Provide full support to stakeholders in order to enhance the success of the business.
  • Apply emotional intelligence to foster excellent business relationships, laterally and vertically.
  • Plan and present strong business cases to their managers.
  • Build and maintain different organizing systems that will lead to increased productivity.
  • Generate win-win outcomes in any negotiation session.
  • Plan and organize a successful event while practicing excellent business etiquette and protocol.


Partnering Strategically "With" Your Leader

  • Understanding the Strategic Role of Today's Executive Assistant
  • Working "With" versus Working "For'" your Leader
  • Achieving Higher Engagement and Involvement in your Leader's Scope
  • Self-Empowerment: Creating your Own Mission Statement
  • Increasing your Share in Decision-Making
  • Developing Forward Thinking: Being a Proactive Thinker

The Power of Emotional Intelligence

  • Understanding the Four Dimensions of EI:
    • Awareness of Own Role
    • Management of Own Responsibilities
    • Awareness of Office Politics and Environment
    • Management of Stakeholders
  • Recognizing How Stress and Feelings Affect Performance
  • Applying EI in Building Relations and Dealing with Difficult Situations

Presenting Your Ideas with Passion and Credibility

  • Planning for a Convincing Presentation
  • Developing and Organizing Objectives and Content
  • Delivering the Presentation and Fielding Questions
  • Using Visual aids to Support the Presentation

Building and Maintaining Systems

  • What is a System? The Why and How of Systems
  • Filing Systems: Controlling Documents, e-Filing and Cloud Storage
  • Time Management Systems: Planning, Organizing and Controlling
  • Idea Generating Systems: Spotting and Implementing Improvements
  • Self-Management Systems: Setting your Own Targets and Exceeding Them
  • Using Discipline to Maintain and Ensure System Continuity

Negotiating with Suppliers (Internal and External)

  • Principles of Successful Negotiations with Internal and External Suppliers
  • Negotiation Planning and Tactics
  • Aiming at Win-Win Outcomes
  • Negotiating for the Long-Term

Event and Conference Organization

  • Planning for Events: A Project Management Approach
  • Promoting Events and Ensuring Maximum Turn-Out
  • Managing and Controlling Events
  • Managing Suppliers and the Secrets of Dealing with Hotels and Venues

Protocol and Business Etiquette

  • Principles of Business Etiquette
  • Phone, e-Mail and Meeting Etiquette
  • Understanding Values, Beliefs and Perceptions
  • Dealing with Different Personalities and Cultures
  • Creating a Personal Brand within the Organization

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Course Details
  • Code SAD12
  • TIME    08:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • DATE    Jun 27 2021 - Jul 1 2021
  • Singapore , Ibis Singapore Novena
  • +44 2087206971
  • Support@bmc.net

Fees Per Person

7000 GBP + VAT
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