/  Introduction To Air Freight And The Global Supply Chain
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BMC Training provides on 25 Dec 2022 Introduction To Air Freight And The Global Supply Chain course [Warehouse , Logistics , Supply Chain and Inventory] in Zurich,Switzerland


The Growth in gross domestic product (GDP), a measure of each country's output that reflects on hoe well its industry and businesses are performing, is surprisingly consistent over longer periods of time. 

On completion of this course you should be able to: 

  • Gain a wide understanding of air cargo.
  • Understand the escalating importance of logistics and supply-chain management as crucial tools for competitiveness.
  • Learn about technology and the related careers in Air Freight.
  • To see how the transportation infrastructure in host countries often dictates the options open to the manager.
  • Explain why IT systems are crucial for success.

Course Outline

Introduction to the air freight

  • Why air cargo works?
  • The air freight supply chain
    • Aircraft types
    • The shipper's choice
    • The air freight process
    • Buying and selling space
    • Documentation
  • The viability of air freight
  • A brief history of the air freight industry

Airports: the vital connection

  • Ground handling and IT systems for cargo processing
  • Perishable supply chain
  • Animals by air
  • Security
  • The charter broker

Air freight to the rescue

  • The role of freighters: past, present and future
  • Heavy-lift air transportation
  • Express and mail

Technology in air freight

  • The environment
  • Crime in air logistics
  • Careers in air freight

Epilogue: the future

  • The challenges
  • New culture
  • Regulatory approach
  • Changes in manufacturing
  • The future of freight forwarding
  • Future career opportunities

Freedoms for airlines

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  • DATE    Dec 25 2022 - Dec 29 2022
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