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BMC Training provides on 21 Feb 2021 Intermodal Freight Transport course [Warehouse , Logistics , Supply Chain and Inventory] in New York,United States


On completion of this practical course you should be able to: 

  • Define the specific concepts, tools and techniques required by smooth international cargo trade/movement.
  • Discuss general management and business concepts for freight transport.
  • Examine the role of the Channel Tunnel in the development of long-haul combined transport operations between the UK and Europe
  • Justify the use of, a number of different transport modes, such as road, rail or inland waterway or either short- or deep-sea shipping.
  • Determine the means of delivering goods using two or more transport modes, recounting both European experience and UK developments
  • Reporting on the extensive political influences on the forms of transport

Course Outline

What Is Intermodal Freight Transport?

  • The background to intermodalism
  • The impact of the Channel Tunnel
  • Freight transport growth
  • Definitions
  • Why intermodalism now?
  • The potential market for intermodal transport
  • The future for intermodal freighting

UK and EU Policies for Intermodal Transport

  • UK Government policy
  • Intermodal policy in the EU
  • Chronology of reports and legislation

 Intermodal Developments in the UK

  • Euro-trade and the Channel Tunnel
  • The rail scene
  • Tall and long boxes: the new container revolution
  • Government grant aid
  • Commercial developments
  • Combined transport vehicles
  • Working time and fuel prices

Intermodal Transport in Europe

  • Euro-enlargement
  • IRU/UIC position statement on combined transport
  • Research and further action
  • The EU’s Intermodality Task Force
  • Rail interoperability
  • Inland waterways
  • Current activities: an overview
  • Financial support
  • Operational developments
  • The way forward

Intermodalism in North America and World Markets

  • North America
  • Canada
  • The Baltic States
  • Asia
  • The Middle East
  • Australia

The Road Haulage Role in Intermodalism

  • Lorry sizes and weights for intermodal operations
  • Operator licensing, community authorizations and professional competence
  • Exhaust emissions, noise limits, and energy consumption
  • Limits on driver working times
  • Safety law for carrying containers and working in docks
  • Safety in docks
  • Lorry Road User Charging: LRUC
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Road haulage operations

 Rail-Freight Operations

  • Britain’s privatized railway
  • Rail operations in Europe
  • European Railway Agency
  • The Euro-wide railway: Railion
  • UK rail-freight strategy
  • Rail freight in decline
  • The loading-gauge issue
  • Piggyback operation
  • Rolling highways
  • The Central Railway project
  • Channel Tunnel Rail Link
  • Eurotunnel
  • Freight aggregators and integrators
  • Locomotive power

Inland Waterway, Short-Sea, and Coastal Shipping

  • Waterway statistics
  • Inland waterways
  • UK inland waterways
  • Inland waterways in Europe
  • Short-sea and coastal shipping
  • Container shipping

 Environmental and Economic Issues

  • An environmental solution
  • Freight by road, rail, or waterway?
  • The EC’s view
  • The environmental impact of transport
  • ‘Something must be done’
  • Vehicle exhaust emissions
  • Environment reports
  • The economic issue

Grant Aid and Government Support

  • UK Government grants
  • EC grants

Intermodal Networks and Freight Interchanges

  • The TEN-Ts
  • Trans-European Rail Freight Freeways
  • Motorways of the Sea
  • Infrastructure developments in retrospect
  • Freight interchanges (terminals)
  • The EC’s 2004 list of 30 TEN-T projects

Intermodal Road and Rail Vehicles and Maritime Vessels

  • Road vehicles
  • Bimodal semi-trailer systems
  • Rail wagons
  • Maritime vessels

Intermodal Loading Units, Transfer Equipment and Satellite Communications

  • Swap bodies
  • Freight containers
  • Lifting equipment
  • Other handling equipment
  • Satellite tracking of vehicles and loading units

Carrier Liability in Intermodal Transport

  • International agreements
  • Liability in domestic road and rail operations
  • International carriage of goods by road: CMR
  • International carriage of goods by rail: CIM
  • Compensation for loss
  • Liability rules for multimodal transport
  • GIT insurance protection

Intermodal Documentation and Authorizations

  • CMR consignment notes for international haulage journeys
  • Consignment notes for own-account carriage by road
  • CIM consignment notes for international rail journeys
  • Combined/multimodal transport documents
  • Legal requirements for international road haulage journeys
  • Community authorization
  • Road haulage cabotage
  • Bilateral road haulage permits
  • Eco-points for transit of Austria
  • Permit checks
  • Own-account transport operations
  • Other documents

Customs Procedures

  • Community Transit
  • Transport International Routier (TIR)
  • ATA Carnets
  • Carnets de Passage

International Carriage of Dangerous Goods

  • Dangerous goods legislation
  • The international carriage of dangerous goods by rail: RID
  • The carriage of dangerous goods through the Channel Tunnel (IGC)

Safety in Transport

  • Safety in road freighting
  • Rail safety
  • Freight container safety regulations
  • International standards for swap bodies
  • Maritime safety
  • Duty of care

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