/  Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges in Times of Crisis
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BMC Training provides on 9 May 2021 Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges in Times of Crisis course [Warehouse , Logistics , Supply Chain and Inventory] in Singapore,Singapore

Introduction :

Today’s unstable society is facing more and more unforeseen catastrophic events; be it natural disasters, such as the more recent Nepal earthquake, the Haiyan typhoon in Philippines , or man-made disasters ,such as the Gaza war taking place, which have increased the need for companies to confront them, while at the same time preserve their economic stability , safeguard their corporate reputation and remain knowledgeable and resilient .

In this training course, we study supply chain crises as events that cannot be foreseen and may cause disruptions to the supply chain network. Events related to management such as the sudden raise of prices of specific key components or a supplier delivering poor quality products or failing to keep up with agreed time schedules and deadlines, are considered not relevant.

The Contents:

  • What is supply chain management (SCM)?
  • Crisis Definition
  • Types of supply chain crises
  • Crises of manufacturing supply chains with both successful and unsuccessful outcomes and varying trigger events
  • Alternative options for crisis in the supply chain
  • How companies are securing their supply chain during crisis situations
  • Supply chain preparation for a crisis, and how do you manage a supply chain when the unexpected hits your company?
  • An ounce of prevention
  • Tiered Approach
  • Emergency response plan
  • Supply Chain Challenges
    • Customer Service
    • Cost Control
    • Planning & Risk Management
    • Supplier/partner relationship management
    • Talent
    • Quality and Compliance
  • Solving Supply Chain Management Issues
  • Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges
  • Communicate often – in good times and bad
  • Source locally when possible
  • Embrace lean manufacturing processes
  • Supply chain evolution in a crisis
  • The difference between risk and crisis management
  • Supply chain challenges and opportunities
  • Cases of companies leading or participating in a global supply chain network
  • Case studies:

1-The case study profile (company, type of crisis, how the company was affected, impact of crisis and the final outcome)

2-The company’s strategy before crisis

3-The company’s strategy after the crisis occurred

4-The critical processes that led to the final outcome and impact of the crisis.

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  • DATE    May 9 2021 - May 27 2021
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