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BMC Training provides on 16 Oct 2022 Mastering Logistics And Supply Chain Management In Construction course [Warehouse , Logistics , Supply Chain and Inventory] in Munich,Germany


“Logistics” usually describes the movement of people, goods, or products from one place to another; however, logistics in the construction industry describes movement around the construction/project site. With case studies and insights from international companies, this comprehensive course illustrates how logistics and supply chain management improves overall construction project performance and efficiency, and it is ideal for construction managers, as well as researchers and students in the field.

On completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Identify the expanding role of logistics in construction, and discuss the factors that influence logistic activities
  •  Examine the arrangements with suppliers, the use of returnable packaging, and off-site manufacture and assembly
  • Gain an understanding of IT systems used to manage the supply chain and logistics operations, such as delivery and warehouse management systems.
  • Consider aspects of the contractual relationships between client, developer, main contractor and lower-tier contractors.
  • Understand how the contractual relationships impact on how the supply chain is managed.

Course Outline

Module 1: Strategic Perspectives

The Challenge Of Construction Logistics

  • Factors that influence logistic activities
  • The role of logistics management within construction
  • The challenges of the urban environment

Aggregating Global Products For Just-In-Time Delivery To Construction Sites

  • Global sourcing
  • Investment in procurement and centralized decision making
  • Environmental legislation, quality and good waste management
  • Lean supply onto site with plot-picked delivery
  • Who is best placed to deliver an aggregation and lean delivery capability?
  • Commercial and risk issues

Construction logistics – supply of bulk materials

  • Logistics, customers and bulk materials
  • Logistics models in construction bulk materials
  • Supply chain maturity

Effective Management Of A Construction Project Supply Chain

  • A typical construction project supply chain
  • Construction logistics
  • Defining 'effective' management of a construction supply chain
  • Best practice – 2020
  • Improvement strategy

Construction Supply Chain Management Strategy

  • Supply chain risks
  • Framework agreements
  • Supply chain management of logistics in construction
  • Case study: Mace Business School

Module 2: The Impact Of Bim And New Data Management Capabilities On Supply Chain Management In Construction

Data Management For Integrated Supply Chains In Construction

  • Information management in construction
  • Big data and construction
  • Data and the integrated supply chain
  • Enterprise-level integration

Module 3: Construction Logistics And Sustainability

The Role Of Logistics In Achieving Sustainable Construction: A Swedish Perspective

  • Sustainable construction logistics
  • Practical considerations for efficient and sustainable construction logistics
  • Case studies: 'The University Hospital of the future'  

Resource Efficiency Benefits Of Effective Construction Logistics

  • Construction sustainability impact
  • Supply chain influence on sustainable construction logistics
  • Construction logistics strategies and how they can influence resource efficiency
  • Material logistics planning

Module 4: Logistics Operations

The Role Of The Construction Logistics Manager

  • Logistics professional and service sourcing
  • Consulting logistics professionals construction logistics managers
  • Creating a construction logistics plan (CLP)

Third-Party Logistics Operators In Construction: The Role They Play And The Role They Could Play

  • 3PL definition
  • Complicated and 'unstructured' supply chain
  • Impact of downturn
  • Supply chains with a dominant entity

Case Studies: Aircraft Carrier Alliance

  • Omni-Channel
  • Primary and secondary distribution networks
  • International construction supply chains
  • Final mile logistics – construction consolidation centres
  • Why doesn't the construction industry make better use of 3PL services

Case Study: London 2012 Olympics

  • Evolution of 3PL role in construction logistics
  • What will trigger momentum of the 3PL role in construction logistics?

Managing Construction Logistics For Confined Sites In Urban Areas

  • Identifying current challenges in managing construction logistics
  • Developing a theoretical framework

Consolidation Centres In Construction Logistics

  • The resources, functionality and operation of a CCC
  • The benefits of using a CCC
  • Types of CCC
  • Locating a CCC

Delivery Management Systems

  • What is a delivery management system?
  • The features of computerized delivery management
  • The benefits of proper management of deliveries
  • Who is it for?
  • The future

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