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BMC Training provides on 6 Jun 2021 Contemporary Logistics Certification Program course [Warehouse , Logistics , Supply Chain and Inventory] in Singapore,Singapore


This course is for anyone involved in logistics, physical distribution, or materials management, using real-world case studies throughout, this exploration of contemporary logistics describes the entire supply channel system from inbound movement of freight through materials management to physical distribution to customers.

On completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Explain how to analyze, design, and implement a logistics system -- including logistics systems controls and reengineering logistics systems.
  • Integrate cases based on real-world examples
  • Illustrate the nature of logistics and the problems faced in daily operations.
  • Highlights topics that affect logistics channels management; including customer service, packaging, inventory management, traffic management, and creating "value-added" linkages in the supply chain.
  • Discuss both domestic and international logistics in details.
  • Describe the entire supply channel system from inbound movement of freight through materials management to physical distribution to customers.

Course Outline

Overview of Logistics

Logistics and the Supply Chain

  • Economic Impacts of Logistics
  • Logistics: What It Is
  • The Increased Importance of Logistics
  • The Systems and Total Cost Approaches to Logistics
  • Logistical Relationships Within the Firm
  • Activities in the Logistical Channel
  • Logistics Careers
  • Case Study: Sudsy Soap, Inc.
  • Case Study: KiddieL and the Super Gym

The Supply Chain Management Concept

  • Key Attributes of Supply Chain Management
  • Barriers to Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Management and Integration
  • Case Study: Johnson Toy Company
  • Case Study: Wyomo Grocery Buyers' Cooperative

Logistics and Information Technology

  • General Types of Information Management Systems
  • Electronic Commerce and Logistics
  • Case Study: Sports Car Care
  • Case Study: Just-in-Time in Kalamazoo

Elements of Logistics Systems

Demand Management, Order Management and Customer Service

  • Demand Management
  • Order Management
  • Customer Service
  • The Role of Logistics in Establishing Customer Service Levels
  • Measuring and Controlling Customer Service
  • Case Study: Cheezy Wheezy
  • Case Study: Handy Andy, Inc.

Protective Packaging and Materials Handling

  • Product Characteristics
  • Packaging
  • Unit Loads in Materials Handling
  • Beyond the Unit Load
  • Materials Handling
  • Case Study: Let There Be Light Lamp Shade Company


  • Transportation Modes
  • Air Freight
  • Motor Carriers
  • Pipelines
  • Railroads
  • Water
  • Intermodal Transportation
  • Transportation Specialists
  • Transportation Regulation
  • Legal Classification of Carriers
  • Case Study: Boone Shoe Company

Transportation Management

  • Rate (pricing) Considerations
  • Modal and Carrier Selection
  • Documentation
  • Making and Receiving Shipments
  • Transportation Management Systems
  • Transportation Service Quality
  • Case Study: Chippy Potato Chip Company

Distribution Center, Warehouse, and Plant Location

  • Determining the Number of Facilities
  • General Factors Influencing Facility Location
  • Specialized Location Characteristics
  • Finding the Lowest-Cost Location
  • Grid Systems
  • Locating Inside another Firm's Existing Channels
  • Facility Relocation and Facility Closing
  • Case Study: Aero Marine Logistics
  • Case Study: Alberta Highway Department, Region VI

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Classifications
  • Inventory-Related Costs
  • When to Order
  • How Much to Reorder
  • Inventory Flows
  • Contemporary Approaches to Managing Inventory
  • Inventory Management: Special Concerns
  • Case Study: Low Nail Company
  • Case Study: Jackson's Warehouse

Warehousing Management

  • Public, Private, Contract, and Multiclient Warehousing
  • Design Considerations in Warehousing
  • Warehousing Operations
  • Case Study: Sandy's Candy
  • Case Study: Minnetonka Warehouse


Procurement Objectives

  • Supplier Selection and Evaluation
  • Quality Issues in Procurement
  • Global Procurement (sourcing)
  • Electronic Procurement
  • Investment Recovery
  • Socially Responsible Purchasing
  • Case Study: Easing Ira's Ire
  • Case Study: Tempo Ltd.

International Logistics

  • Government Influences on Foreign Trade
  • Documentation
  • Terms of Sale and Payment
  • International Trade and Supply Chain Specialists
  • Transportation Considerations in International Distribution
  • International Trade Inventories

Organizing, Analyzing, and Controlling Logistics Systems

Logistics Systems Controls

  • Accounting Controls
  • Worker Productivity
  • Energy Controls
  • Maintaining Channel Integrity
  • Managing Returned Goods
  • Controlling Theft
  • Protectionism against Terrorism

Organizing and Analyzing Logistics Systems

  • Organizing Logistics within the Firm
  • What is Systems Analysis?
  • Partial Systems Analysis
  • Comprehensive Systems Analysis

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