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BMC Training provides on 19 Sep 2021 Strategic Supply Chain Management Certificate course [Warehouse , Logistics , Supply Chain and Inventory] in London,UK


In the breakthrough course, delegates will experience everything that corporate decision-makers need to know to create value and competitive advantage from their supply chains.

On completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Define the main configuration components and apply the criteria of a good supply chain strategy
  • Align supply chain with business strategy, customer need, and the power position
  • Describe the five processes for End-to-End supply chain management and discuss the next generation processes
  • Apply the tools and techniques in order to collaborate with suppliers and calculate the costs effectively
  •  Determine the principles for organisational design and develop the skills required to improve the organisation's performance
  • Build the right collaborative model, define the appropriate degrees of collaboration, and apply the latest technology to support the Collaborative Relationships

Course Outline

Module 1: View Your Supply Chain as a Strategic Asset

  • Five key configuration components
  • Operations Strategy
  • Channel Strategy
  • Outsourcing Strategy
  • Customer Service Strategy
  • Asset Network
  • Four criteria of a good Supply Chain Strategy
  • Align with Your Business Strategy
  • Align with Your Customers’ Needs
  • Align with Your Power Position
  • Become Adaptive

Applying Rocket Science to the Supply Chain

  • Chopping up the assembly lines
  • The upstream impact on supply
  • From one tier to another

Module 2: Develop an End-to-End Process Architecture

  • Four tests of supply chain architecture
  • Strategic Fit
  • End-to-End Focus
  • Simplicity
  • Integrity
  • Toolkits
  • The top three levels of the SCOR model
  • Five processes for End-to-End supply chain management
  • Plan
  • Source
  • Make
  • Deliver
  • Return

Calling on Customer Cost-Effectively

  • A growing business —and growing problems
  • Making the business case and moving forward
  • Rethinking the Supply Chain
  • End-To-End Visibility
  • Collaborating with suppliers
  • Building on success: Collaborative design

Module 3: Design Your Organization for Performance

  • Organizational Change is an ongoing process
  • Evolution of the supply chain organization
  • What’s in a Name?
  • Guiding principles for organizational design
  • Form Follows Function
  • Every Process Requires Accountability
  • Know and Grow Your Core
  • Gaining respect from the supply chain discipline
  • Focus on the Skills You Need

Reorganizing for “a Bright Future”

  • The technology solution wasn't enough
  • Organizational changes
  • The vision thing
  • From product to market focus
  • The mechanics of transformation
  • Greater collaboration with suppliers
  • Horizontal integration

Module 4: Build the Right Collaborative Model

  • Collaboration is a spectrum
    • Transactional Collaboration
    • Cooperative Collaboration
    • Coordinated Collaboration
    • Synchronised Collaboration
  • Finding the right place on the spectrum
  • The path to successful collaboration
  • Master Internal Collaboration First
  • Define the Appropriate Degrees of Collaboration (i.e., Segment)
  • Share Benefits, Gains, and Losses
  • Trust Your Partners, but Protect Your Interests
  • Use Technology to Support Your Collaborative Relationships
  • Don’t Forget to Compromise

Making the Tail Smaller and the Tooth Stronger

  • When push comes to pull
  • The blueprint for change
  • Transformation at the DLA
  • Through the looking glass: life cycle management
  • The Integrated Enterprise Initiative: From Excess to Access with Information Technology (IT)
  • Application of IT Principles at the DLA
  • The End-To-End Initiative: Creating Principles for Change
  • The critical role of performance-based agreements

Module 5: Use Metrics to Drive Business Success

  • Why measure?
  • Managing performance with metrics
  • Link Your Metrics to Your Business Strategy
  • Make Sure Your Metrics Are Balanced and Comprehensive
  • Base Performance Targets on Both Internal and External Metrics
  • Set Aggressive but Achievable Targets—and Tie Them to Actions
  • Make Your Metrics Highly Visible and Monitor Them at All Levels
  • Use Your Metrics to Drive Continuous Improvement
  • Develop an Implementation Plan
  • Which metrics?
  • Choose Metrics That Support Your Strategy
  • Measure Yourself as Your Customers Measure You

Driving Customer Satisfaction

  • The impetus for change
  • The new mandate: sense and respond
  • A new organization
  • Rethinking logistics
  • A focus on business results
  • The information technology challenge
  • The next frontier

A Roadmap to Change

  • Advanced systems aren't enough
  • Characteristics of the next generation
  • Transparency
  • Flexibility
  • Simultaneity
  • Developing a roadmap

Real-Time Response to Demand

  • Key business challenges
  • Real-time demand fulfillments
  • End-to-End connectivity
  • Visibility – The Holy Grail
  • Vertical integration
  • Change-management challenges
  • New reward system
  • An evolving supply chain

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  • DATE    Sep 19 2021 - Sep 30 2021
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