/  Supply Chain Risk Management And Resilience In Logistics
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BMC Training provides on 9 Oct 2022 Supply Chain Risk Management And Resilience In Logistics course [Warehouse , Logistics , Supply Chain and Inventory] in Washington,United States


On completion of this practical course you should be able to: 

  • Define risk and supply chain management
  • Explain the current trends affecting supply chains 
  • Understand how to identify and analyze the various risks to supply chains
  • Describe and apply approaches to risk management and the steps needed for its implementation
  • Gives practical advices on how to create a resilient supply chain and, in the worst case, how to plan for and respond to disasters 
  • Discuss up-to-date case studies such as the BP oil spill and the Chilean mining disaster
  • Identify both the possible effects that disruptions can cause and how to plan for them, as well as discussing risks varying from traffic congestion to major environmental disasters. 

Course Outline

Working with Risk

  • Risk and management
  • Growth of risk management
  • Risk and supply chains

Defining Risk

  • Features of risk
  • Decisions and risk
  • Structure of decisions
  • Decisions with certainty
  • Decisions with uncertainty
  • Decisions with risk
  • Decisions with ignorance
  • Managing risk

Supply Chain Management

  • Definitions
  • Structure of a supply chain
  • Aims of supply chain management
  • Activities of logistics
  • Importance of logistics
  • Risk in the supply chain

Trends Affecting the Supply Chain

  • Increasing risk
  • Road closure in Washington State
  • Trends in supply chain management
  • Integration of supply chains
  • Cost reduction
  • Agile logistics
  • E-business
  • Globalization
  • Outsourcing
  • Changing practices in logistics

Approaches to Risk Management

  • Definitions
  • Development of risk management
  • Aims of SCRM
  • Steps in risk management
  • Some principles of SCRM

Identifying Risks

  • Types of risk
  • World Economic Forum
  • Identifying risks
  • Tools for analyzing past events
  • Tools to analyze operations
  • Problems with risk identification

Analyzing Risks

  • Response to risk
  • Alternative responses
  • Mnemonics for risk management
  • Defining options
  • Choosing the best response
  • Implementation and activation

A Network View of Risk

  • Shared risks
  • Achieving an integrated approach
  • Identifying risks
  • Analyzing and responding risks
  • Problems with integrating SCRM
  • Levels of SCRM integration

Creating Resilient Supply Chains

  • Design of a resilient chain
  • Principles of designing a resilient supply chain
  • Physical features of a resilient supply chain
  • Relationships within a resilient supply chain
  • Risk compensation and business community
  • Features of a resilient supply chain

Business Continuity Management

  • Emergencies and crises
  • Use of BCM
  • Steps in business continuity management
  • Deliverables

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  • DATE    Oct 9 2022 - Oct 20 2022
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