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BMC Training provides on 9 Oct 2022 Supply Chain Risk course [Warehouse , Logistics , Supply Chain and Inventory] in Munich,Germany


This comprehensive course is an essential for risk managers, supply chain managers, supply chain operators and anyone interested in risk management and its growing impact on the supply chain, it includes case studies of best practices, each case study describes a company’s supply chain and production/ sourcing strategy.

On completion of this practical course you should be able to: 

  • Assess the various sources of external threats, including environmental, geopolitical, economic and technological.
  • Describe the evolving risks to supply chains and understand how multinational corporations should be dealing with them at a strategic level.
  • Examine the lack of supply visibility that puts businesses at risk and discuss case studies of best practice.
  • Explain how multinational corporations should be dealing with evolving risks at a strategic level and cites.
  • Assess the external threats to the supply chain from the environmental to geopolitical and economic to technological angles
  • Analyze the supply chain threats and understand the causes of supply chain disruption 

Course Outline

A Framework For Understanding Risk

  • An analysis of supply chain threats
  • The severity of threat 
  • Understanding the causes of supply chain disruption 
  • External risk categories 

Engineering Supply Chain Resilience 

  • Preparedness and strategies for response 
  • Business Continuity Management (BCM) 
  • Offsetting the risk of business interruption 
  • Case study of resilience: how does Cisco manage risk? 
  • The role of flexible technology in supply chain resilience 
  • The role of government and commercial companies

Industry Sector Resilience To Supply Chain Threats 

  • Automotive 
  • High tech 
  • Consumer goods/retail 
  • Food 
  • Fashion 
  • Pharma/healthcare

Natural Disasters, Climate Change And Pandemics 

  • The impact of natural disasters on supply chains 
  • Climate change 
  • Pandemics

Economic Risks To The Supply Chain 

  • Demand shocks 
  • Currency fluctuations 
  • Supply shocks 
  • Industrial unrest

Societal Risks To Supply Chains

  • Fair labor 
  • ‘Conflict-free’ minerals 
  • Environmental practices of supply chain partners 
  • Food shortages in developing countries

Terrorism And Security

  • Risk and security in air cargo supply chains 
  • Sea freight security 

Corruption In The Logistics Industry 

  • Why is the logistics industry so prone to corruption? 
  • ‘Anti-bribery, anti-corruption’ legislation 
  • Most corrupt markets 
  • Freight forwarding and Customs corruption 
  • Customs corruption in the EU 
  • Dealing with corrupt Customs officials: WEF best practice 
  • Smuggling and Customs corruption 
  • VAT fraud schemes 
  • Cracking down on customs corruption 
  • Freight forwarding, airlines and cartels 
  • Unofficial tolls and crossing controls 
  • Allegations of corruption in government contract negotiations 
  • Major defense logistics corruption in Afghanistan
  •  Humanitarian aid logistics corruption 
  • Organized crime in transport operations

Cargo Crime And Piracy 

  • What is cargo crime? 
  • Theft from trucks and warehouses 
  • Combating vehicle-based cargo crime 
  • Cargo crime in North America 
  • Cargo crime in emerging markets 
  • Theft from airports 
  • Cyber threats to supply chains 
  • Piracy

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