/  CATIA V5 Electrical Harness Design
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BMC Training provides on 9 May 2021 CATIA V5 Electrical Harness Design course [Electrical and Power Engineering Training] in Singapore,Singapore


Through this course, the participant will be able to learn CATIA V5 Electrical Harness Design. On completion of this course, participants will be able to:  

  • Understand the process and methods of Electrical Harness Design
  • Learn Electrical Library Installation
  • Convert Mechanical parts into Electrical parts
  • Create Electrical Assembly Design
  • Create 3D Routing for Electrical Harness Assembly

Course Contents:

Introduction to Electrical Harness Design

  • Importance of Electrical Harness Design
  • Digital Mock-Up(DMU)
  • Electrical Harness Design work flow

Electrical Part Design

  • Launch the workbench of Electrical Part Design
  • GUI of Electrical Part Design
  • Convert Mechanical Parts into Electrical Parts
  • Define Equipment and Cavity Connection point
  • Define Device Connector and Connector Connection point
  • Define Backshell and Bundle Connection point
  • Define Shell and Cavity Connection point
  • Create New Catalog and Catalog Chapters
  • Add Electrical component into Catalog
  • Electrical Assembly Design
  • Launch workbench of Electrical Assembly Design

GUI of Electrical Assembly Design

  • Import Electrical component 
  • Assemble Electrical components

Electrical Harness Design of Product-1

  • Launch workbench of Electrical Harness Installation
  • GUI of Electrical Harness Installation
  • Customize the settings
  • Create Geometrical Bundle
  • Route the Bundle Segment 
  • Definition of Bundle Segment
  • Add Branch Point
  • Analyze the Product with Harness Bundle Segment

Electrical Harness Design of Product-2

  • Convert Mechanical Parts into Electrical Parts like Support and Connector
  • Place Support and Connector on the product from Catalog
  • Create the Electrical Harness Bundle Segment
  • Create Protective Covering
  • Add and Remove Support

Electrical Harness Design of Product-3

  • Route the Bundle Segments through the Supports
  • Use the Arrange Bundle Segment tool to modify Clash
  • Manage Multiple Bundle Segment

Electrical Harness Design of Product-4

  • Create Geometrical Bundle
  • Reference steps to practice the exercise

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Course Details
  • Code EPE73
  • TIME    08:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • DATE    May 9 2021 - May 13 2021
  • Singapore , Ibis Singapore Novena
  • +44 2087206971
  • Support@bmc.net

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6500 GBP + VAT
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