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Code Course title Duration
MAE1 Achieving CMMS Data Integrity One Week
MAE5 Data Analysis Techniques One Week
MAE7 Flow Measurement and Custody Transfer One Week
MAE8 Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Industrial Applications One Week
MAE9 Fundamentals of Asset Management One Week
MAE39 Implementing Effective Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Programmes One Week
MAE12 Machinery Failure, Vibration and Predictive Maintenance One Week
MAE40 Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices One Week
MAE41 Maintenance Contracting and Outsourcing One Week
MAE46 Maintenance Planning and Scheduling One Week
MAE15 Maintenance Strategy Development and Cost Effective Implementation Two Weeks
MAE16 Managing Efficient Shutdowns and Turnarounds One Week
MAE17 Materials of Construction for Process Equipment and Piping Systems One Week
MAE18 Metallurgy for Non Metallurgists One Week
MAE44 Modern Maintenance Technologies One Week
MAE45 Optimizing Equipment Maintenance and Replacement Decisions One Week
MAE35 Practical Pump and Valve Technology One Week
MAE24 Process Plant Optimization Technology and Continual Improvement One Week
MAE48 Reverse Osmosis Monitoring and Troubleshooting One Week
MAE29 Root Cause Failure Analysis One Week
MAE47 The Complete Course on Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Four Weeks
MAE33 Troubleshooting Process Operation One Week
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