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Code Course title Duration
EPE1 Advance Electrical Troubleshooting , Repairs and Isolations Techniques One Week
EPE2 Advanced Generator Maintenance One Week
EPE3 Advanced Power Distribution Engineering For Utilities One Week
EPE4 Advanced Power System Analysis In Electrical Networks Using ETAP Power Station One Week
EPE5 Advanced Power Transmission Technologies One Week
EPE6 Application Of Electrical Science To Power Generation, Transmission and Utilization One Week
EPE7 Basic Electrical and Instrumentation Design One Week
EPE8 Boiler Control and Burner Management Systems One Week
EPE73 CATIA V5 Electrical Harness Design One Week
EPE9 Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) One Week
EPE10 Circuit Breakers and Switchgears Inspection, Maintenance, Design, Repair and Troubleshooting One Week
EPE11 Combustion Control System One Week
EPE13 Commissioning, Testing and Startup Of Electrical Systems One Week
EPE14 Condition Monitoring Of Power System Equipment One Week
EPE15 Configuring and Testing Smart Field Devices One Week
EPE16 Design Of Electric Switchboards (lV and MV) Only Of Design and Engineering Engineers One Week
EPE17 Design Of Modern Electrical Distribution Systems One Week
EPE18 Diesel Power Generating Maintenance and Troubleshooting One Week
EPE19 Distribution Overhead Transmission Line Equipment One Week
EPE20 Earthing, Bonding, Lightning and Surge Protection Of Electrical Systems and Equipment One Week
EPE21 Earthling Of Utility and Industrial Distribution System One Week
EPE22 Electric Distribution System Equipment One Week
EPE23 Electric Power Distribution System For Industrial Plants One Week
EPE24 Electric Power Substation Engineering One Week
EPE25 Electrical Controls Panel Designing One Week
EPE26 Electrical Engineering Practices For Facilities Engineer One Week
EPE27 Electrical Equipment Transformers, Inverters, Rectifiers, Uninterruptible Power Systems, Generators One Week
EPE28 Electrical Equipment In Hazardous One Week
EPE29 Electrical Equipment Installation Control Systems Commissioning Testing Start Up Of Electrical System One Week
EPE30 Electrical Faults Causes, Analysis, Detection and Remedies One Week
EPE31 Electrical Inspection and Testing One Week
EPE32 Flow Selection Criteria and Multiphase Measurement Technology One Week
EPE33 Fundamentals Of Electrical Systems One Week
EPE34 Generator Excitation Systems One Week
EPE35 Hazardous Area Classification One Week
EPE36 High and Medium Voltage Substation Design, Testing and Maintenance One Week
EPE37 High Voltage Operational Safety For Engineers and Technicians One Week
EPE38 HT Motors and Protection Methods For Future One Week
EPE39 Industrial Automation Using PLC One Week
EPE40 Industrial Process Measurement and Control One Week
EPE41 Introduction To Reading Of Electrical Drawings and Diagrams One Week
EPE42 LV MM HV Circuit Breakers (Switchgear) Inspection, Maintenance, Design, Repair and Troubleshooting One Week
EPE43 Maintenance and Troubleshooting Of UPS Systems and Battery Power Supplies One Week
EPE44 Modern Distributed Control Systems (DCS) - Practical Applications and Troubleshooting One Week
EPE45 Modern Electric Power Systems Design, Modelling, Analysis and Problem Solving One Week
EPE46 Modern Power System Protective Relaying One Week
EPE47 MV Circuit Breakers Design, Application and Maintenance One Week
EPE48 Operation and Maintenance Of Circuit Breakers and Switchgears One Week
EPE49 Overhead Lines, Maintenance and Construction One Week
EPE50 Power and Power Stations (Design, Installation and Maintenance) One Week
EPE51 Power Capacitors - Applications, Switching Problems, Protection and Maintenance One Week
EPE52 Power Plant Troubleshooting and Engineering Problem Solving One Week
EPE53 Power System Analysis and Calculations In Electrical Networks Using ETAP Power Station One Week
EPE54 Power System Blackouts (Cause and Preventive Measures) One Week
EPE55 Power Systems Protection - Control and Stability One Week
EPE56 Power Transformer Diagnostic, Method, Maintenance and Lifetime Extension One Week
EPE57 Practical Distribution Transformers - Operation and Maintenance One Week
EPE58 Practical Grounding, Bonding,Shielding and Surge Protection One Week
EPE59 Practical Industrial Data Communications and Telecommunications One Week
EPE60 Practical Operation, Maintenance and Testing Of Diesel Power Generation Plants One Week
EPE61 Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and SCADA System One Week
EPE62 Protection Schemes For Generators and Recommended Settings One Week
EPE63 Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) For Process Industries Using IEC 65 and IEC 6508 One Week
EPE64 Sizing, Selecting, and Applying Process Control Valves One Week
EPE65 Solar Power System Theory and Maintenance One Week
EPE66 Test Equipment and Link Cable Testing One Week
EPE67 Troubleshooting Of Electrical Equipment and Control Systems One Week
EPE68 Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Protection Of AC Electrical Motors and Drives One Week
EPE69 Tuning Control Loops, Feedback and Advanced Controllers One Week
EPE70 Variable Frequency Drives One Week
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