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Code Course title Duration
HRM30 Advanced Employee Relations One Week
HRM50 Advanced Human Resources Management One Week
HRM51 Advanced Selection ,Interviewing and Recruitment Skills One Week
HRM53 aPHR Preparation One Week
HRM55 aPHRi Preparation-Associate Professional in Human Resources-International Two Weeks
HRM37 Auditing HR Processes One Week
HRM28 Career Development and Succession Planning One Week
HRM24 Certified Training and Development Professional One Week
HRM52 Certified Training Officer One Week
HRM59 Coach Training Course-Coaching, Mentoring and Career Development Skills for Success Two Weeks
HRM20 Coaching for Success in the Oil and Gas Industry One Week
HRM43 Compensation and Benefits One Week
HRM11 Compensation and Benefits Administrator One Week
HRM10 Compensation and Benefits Management One Week
HRM25 Competencies - Design, Development and Implementation One Week
HRM16 Competency -Based Management One Week
HRM14 Continuous Employee Development and Empowerment One Week
HRM49 Designing and Implementing a Performance Management System One Week
HRM2 Effective Performance Review One Week
HRM41 Employee Engagement and Retention One Week
HRM26 Employee Relations - Roles and Responsibilities One Week
HRM8 Essential HR Practices for Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors One Week
HRM36 Essential Skills for the HR Professional One Week
HRM56 GPHR Preparation-Global Professional in Human Resources One Week
HRM38 HR Administration Skills One Week
HRM47 HR Analytics - Concepts and Tools for Effective Decision -Making One Week
HRM58 HR Business Partner-Roles,Responsibilities and Competencies One Week
HRM46 HR Leadership - Competencies for Exceptional Performance One Week
HRM1 HR Metrics and Analytics One Week
HRM4 HR Skills for HR Administrators One Week
HRM33 Human Resources KPIs - Benchmarking HR Performance One Week
HRM29 Human Resources Management One Week
HRM40 Identifying Training Needs and Evaluating Training Two Weeks
HRM34 Job Description Writing Workshop One Week
HRM12 Job Mastery and Performance One Week
HRM45 Knowledge Management - How to Create an Effective Learning Organization One Week
HRM6 Leadership Bootcamp for HR Professionals One Week
HRM15 Leading Strategic HR Transformation One Week
HRM31 Managing and Coordinating Training One Week
HRM18 Managing Employee Performance, Behaviour and Attitudes One Week
HRM17 Measuring and Maximising Training ROI One Week
HRM23 Organization and Workforce Planning One Week
HRM42 Performance Management - Setting Objectives and Conducting Appraisals One Week
HRM54 PHR Preparation-Professional in Human Resources Two Weeks
HRM57 PHRi Preparation-Professional in Human Resources International One Week
HRM39 Professional Interviewing Skills One Week
HRM22 Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection One Week
HRM901 Strategic HR Business Partner - Leading and Innovation One Week
HRM21 Strategic Human Resources Management One Week
HRM27 Strategic Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection One Week
HRM44 Strategic Talent Management One Week
HRM7 The Business of HR One Week
HRM48 The Job Evaluation Workshop One Week
HRM35 Train the Trainer - From Design to Delivery One Week
HRM13 Training Management and Organisational Learning for Oil and Gas Industries One Week
HRM5 Writing Effective Policies and Procedures One Week
HRM32 Writing HR Policies and Procedures One Week
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