/  Earthing, Bonding, Lightning and Surge Protection Of Electrical Systems and Equipment
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BMC Training provides on 19 Sep 2021 Earthing, Bonding, Lightning and Surge Protection Of Electrical Systems and Equipment course [Electrical and Power Engineering Training] in London,UK

Course Description

Earthling is an integral part of any electrical system. Properly selected earthing equipment will accomplish many desirable objectives, such as:

  • Improving the system operating characteristics.
  • Providing a source of earth fault current relaying.
  • Reducing personnel hazards.

Equipment earthing should be differentiated from system earthing since the functions of the two are often confused. A "system earth" is a connection to ground from one of the current carrying conductors of a distribution or wiring system.

The return conductor for a line-to-neutral load on either single or multi phase systems is an example of such a current carrying conductor. This system ground may be made at such locations as transformer or generator neutral points by either a solid connection or through a current limiting device.

The primary purpose of the system earthing is related to operational characteristics and is an important, if not an essential part of the power system. This 5 days course will discuss the different types of earthing systems in depth.

Course Objectives

  • The basic principles & importance of earthing of electrical systems.
  • The function of power system earthing and the various options available.
  • Role of protective grounding in ensuring safety; sizing of grounding conductors.
  • Importance of equipotential bonding in ensuring safety.
  • Design of ground electrodes, measurement of soil resistivity and ground electrode resistance.
  • Fundamental principles in the design of grounding systems in substations.
  • Solving static electricity-related hazards by grounding and bonding.
  • Role of grounding in surge protection of power distribution equipment and sensitive systems.
  • How to test and maintain earth electrode & Earthing grid

Course Outlines

Day One:

  • What is System Earthing.
  • Why Use System Earthing.
  • Basics of grounding/earthing & Bonding.
  • Objectives of equipotential bonding.
  • Different types of functional & Protective earthing.
  • Electricity shock & hazards & Equipment earthing
  • Static charges and the need for bonding.

Day Two: Different Types of System or Neutral Earthing.

  • Systems with an isolated neutral-point.
  • Reactance earthed systems.
  • Resistance earthed systems.
  • Earthed system:
  • Effectively earthed system.
  • Not effectively earthed system.
  • Zigzag earthing transformer.
  • Sizing of Earthing resistors & Zigzag transformers.
  • To Choose System’s Earthing Point.
  • Practice of Earthing.
  • Comparison of Different system Earthing Principles
  • Earthing & Earth fault protection.
  • Different earhing of distribution system arrangements (TT, TN-C, TN-S & IT) as per BS 7671 & IEC 60364.

Day Three:

  • Static electricity and protection.
  • Lightning & surge arresters.
  • Transient overvoltages.
  • PQ problems & triplen harmonics (Zero phase sequence).
  • Ground electrode system.

Day Four:

  • Substation earthing grid.
  • Touch & Step voltages.
  • Grounding regulations from various national codes.
  • BS 7430 & IEEE 80 Standards.
  • Maintenance & testing (3 pin method, 61.8% and slope method).
  • Finite Element Method (FEM).

Day Five:

  • Methods of designing Grounding systems.
  • Ground faults.
  • Design cases (Grounding module) & Reporting.

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