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BMC Training provides on 16 Apr 2023 Managing and Coordinating Training course [Human Resource Management] in Barcelona,Spain


Training and development managers, officers and coordinators involved in the needs analysis process, organizing training program and evaluating the results of training.


  • Describe how business strategy influences training.
  • Identify some critical training concepts including principles of adult learning and learning styles.
  • Identify different methods of needs assessment and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Write effective learning objectives.
  • List the characteristics of an effective trainer and identify some of the problems and solutions of training delivery.
  • Create a work environment that facilitates transfer of training.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training.


Strategic Training and Development

  • The Strategic Training and Development Process
  • Roles of Employees and Managers
  • Top Management Support
  • Aligning Training to Strategy

Some Critical Training Concepts

  • Principles of Adult Learning
  • Learning Styles
  • The Experiential Approach to Training

The Training Needs Assessment Process (TNA)

  • Why Do a Needs Assessment?
  • Who Should Participate in Needs Assessment?
  • Methods Used in Needs Assessment
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of TNA Methods
  • The Needs Assessment Process

Designing the Training Program

  • The Basics of Training Design: Gagne’s Principles
  • Training Design Activities
  • Purposes of Training Objectives
  • Writing Training Objectives
  • Developing Course Material

To Buy or to Design

  • The Purchase-or-Design Decision

Delivering the Training Program

  • The Training Session Plan
  • Training Delivery Activities
  • The Trainer, Train-The-Trainer and Trainees
  • The Training Site
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Scheduling and Administering the Training
  • Training Delivery: Problems and Solutions

Transfer of Training

  • What is Transfer of Training?
  • Barriers to the Transfer of Training
  • Transfer of Training Framework:
  • Role of Management, Trainer and Trainees, Before, During and After the Training

Evaluating Training

  • Why Conduct Training Evaluations?
  • Models of Training Evaluation
    • Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation
    • Phillips’ ROI Process Model

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