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BMC Training provides on 9 May 2021 IT Project Management course [Project , Procurement and Contracts] in Singapore,Singapore


The course is intended for professionals in IT technical and non-technical work areas who need to acquire a high competency in IT project management including project control, documentation, tools and processes.

IT Projects are difficult as they demand constant attention and control. IT projects now live in an agile world where things can happen and the project manager must react and deal with these situations.The course is designed to provide the competencies needed to work within the IT project environment.

This course will feature:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the various processes of IT project management.
  • Advanced set of project management tools & techniques for IT project application at the workplace.
  • Working templates, forms and checklists relevant for use in IT projects at their place of work.
  • Understand core IT Project management concepts and applications.
  • Appraising the value and role of the IT Project Manager.


  • Understand project management life cycle, methodology and terminologies.
  • Apply project templates for IT project management and control
  • Anticipate possible project problems, opportunities, action steps, project contingencies & project risks.
  • Appreciate the use of project management software.
  • Understand how to implement an IT Project Management Office.


Day One

Background for an IT Project Manager

  • IT  project life cycle: initializing, planning, execution, monitoring & controlling, and closing processes
  • Waterfall to Agile Project in IT
  • Stakeholder conflicts of interest, and how to resolve them
  • Selecting project manager and team members
  • The role of a Project Management Office (PMO)
  • IT Project Leadership, Conflict and Motivation Styles

Practical Exercise: Personality profiling

Practical Exercise: Creating a communications management plan

Day Two

Project Initializing and Planning

  • Decomposing a project (business) need
  • Appraising IT project investments – tangible and intangible quantification techniques
  • Developing the IT Requirements
  • Developing the Project Schedule
  • Estimating and agreeing the project resources
  • Analysing the project plan

Practical Exercise: Creating a project charter for a group project

Practical Exercise: Constructing a WBS for a group project

Practical Exercise: Producing a task (work package) listing

Practical Exercise: Determining resource requirements and task costs

Practical Exercise: Calculating the Critical Path

Day Three

Managing the Project

  • Resource planning – resource scheduling and resource levelling
  • Determining roles and responsibilities for team members
  • Risk and Issue Management – identifying and controlling
  • Issue and change management processes
  • Controlling the Project Status
  • Managing project vendors

Practical Exercise: Resource leveling assignment

Practical Exercise: Creating a human resource management plan

Practical Exercise: Risk brainstorming exercise and creating a risk register

Practical Exercise: Creating a statement of work (SOW) for contractors and vendors

Practical Exercise: Developing a formal project plan, and get approval

Day Four

Executing the Project

  • Executing the project plan
  • Distribute project information to stakeholders – management and technical reports
  • The change control system (change management plan)
  • Project performance measurement
  • Create performance measurement report
  • Baseline techniques / Earned Value Analysis (EVA)

Practical Exercise: Creating a technical report

Practical Exercise: Creating a management report

Practical Exercise: Creating a change request

Practical Exercise: Creating a performance report

Day Five

Closing the Project

  • Validating the Scope
  • Contract close-out administration - procurement audits
  • Verifying the Product
  • Monitoring Customer Satisfaction
  • How to use Lesson Learnt

Practical Exercise: Creating a formal acceptance document

Practical Exercise: Creating a handover acceptance document

Practical Exercise: Creating a lessons learned document

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  • Code PPC7
  • TIME    08:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • DATE    May 9 2021 - May 13 2021
  • Singapore , Ibis Singapore Novena
  • +44 2087206971
  • Support@bmc.net

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