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BMC Training provides on 26 Sep 2021 Logistics Management and Strategy course [Warehouse , Logistics , Supply Chain and Inventory] in Istanbul,Turkey


On completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Disseminate knowledge and understanding of logistics in an easy-to-read way.
  • Explain with great clarity the theoretical concepts; as well as get close to business life through the use of concrete examples and well-chosen case studies.
  • Explore logistical concepts in operational detail.
  • Examine logistics knowledge and understanding in depth while at the same time remaining not only very accessible but really pleasant to read.
  • Explore the continued development on the theme of sustainable logistics and discuss the nature of logistics today
  • Gain an understanding of supply chain planning and control, and agility

Course Outlines


Logistics and the supply chain

  • Definitions and concepts
  • Material flow and information flow
  • Competing through logistics
  • Logistics strategy

Putting the end-customer first

  • The marketing perspective
  • Rising customer expectations
  • The information revolution
  • Segmentation
  • Quality of service
  • Setting priorities for logistics strategy

Value and logistics costs

  • Where does value come from?
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Financial ratios and ROI drivers
  • How can logistics costs be represented?
  • Activity-based costing (ABC)
  • A balanced measurement portfolio


Managing logistics internationally

  • Drivers and logistics implications of internationalization
  • The tendency towards internationalization
  • The challenges of international logistics and location
  • Organizing for international logistics
  • Reverse logistics
  • Managing for risk readiness

Managing the lead-time frontier

The role of time in competitive advantage

  • Time-based competition: definition and concepts
  • P:D ratios and differences
  • Using time to measure supply pipeline performance
  • Time-based process mapping
  • Stage 1: Create a task force
  • Stage 2: Select the process to map
  • Stage 3: Collect data
  • Stage 4: Flow chart the process
  • Stage 5: Distinguish between value-adding and non-value-adding time
  • Stage 6: Construct the time-based process map
  • Stage 7: Solution generation

Managing timeliness in the logistics pipeline

  • Strategies & practices to cope when P-time is greater than D-time
  • A method for implementing time-based practices
  • Step 1: Understand your need to change
  • Step 2: Understand your processes
  • Step 3: Identify unnecessary process steps and large amounts of wasted time
  • Step 4: Understand the causes of waste
  • Step 5: Change the process
  • Step 6: Review changes
  • Results
  • When, where and how?

Supply chain planning and control

  • The supply chain ‘game plan’
  • Planning and control within the focal firm
  • Managing inventory in the supply chain
  • Inter-firm planning and control
  • Just-in-time (JIT)
  • The just-in-time system
  • JIT and material requirements planning (MRP)
  • Lean thinking
  • Application of lean thinking to business processes 195
  • Role of lean practices
  • Design strategies
  • Lean product design

The agile supply chain

  • The concept of agility
  • Demand characteristics and supply capabilities
  • Classifying operating environments
  • Preconditions for successful agile practice
  • Agile drivers and practices
  • Joint decision making to improve external network integration
  • Developing measures to put the end-customer first
  • Shared goals to improve virtual integration
  • Boundary-spanning SOP to improve process integration


Integrating the supply chain

  • Integration in the supply chain
  • Efficient consumer response (ECR)
  • Collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR)
  • Vendor-managed inventory (VMI)
  • Quick response (QR)
  • Managing supply chain relationships

Purchasing and supply relationships

  • Choosing the right supply relationships
  • Partnerships in the supply chain
  • Supply base rationalization
  • Supplier networks
  • Supplier development
  • Implementing strategic partnerships


Logistics future challenges and opportunities

  • Internal alignment
  • Selecting collaborative opportunities upstream and downstream
  • Managing with cost-to-serve to support growth and profitability
  • The supply chain manager of the future

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