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BMC Training provides on 9 Oct 2022 Mastering Strategic Decision Making course [Management and Leadership] in Munich,Germany


Every organisation is unique, with its own strategic objectives, capabilities and strategic options – and that strategic decision making is at the core of any successful strategizing process. For these reasons our approach is focused on enhancing strategic decision making capabilities, recognising that both analysis and intuition are necessary for high-quality decision making.

This unique programme is designed to enhance your decision capabilities when confronted with strategic choices, when searching for decision opportunities, and when designing strategies – both in conditions where there is sufficient time to conduct analyses and when there is only time to choose intuitively. The programme will improve your analytic and intuitive abilities to make strategic decisions under such tough conditions.


Facing a series of tough and provocative decisions, you actively develop powerful insights into effective decision processes and styles, and:

  • Avert common decision traps
  • Deepen sophistication in exercising judgment and thinking more strategically
  • Design more effective decision processes
  • Explore the characteristics of processes that enable organizational learning and facilitate the integration of strategic thinking, judgment, data and decision making
  • Identify the right questions, use appropriate frameworks and avoid over analyzing
  • Improve business performance by developing a deep understanding of what drives effective and ineffective decisions
  • Promote more cooperative decision making in situations where cooperation can lead to better outcomes
  • Transform risk into opportunity.


Day One

Leading Strategic Decision-Making

  • 7 Key Steps of Strategic Decision Making
  • Framing of decisions
  • Asking the right questions
  • Cognitive biases and mistakes
  • Group decision making
  • Creating an effective decision-making process

Day Two

Strategic Decision Analysis and Quality

  • Harnessing uncertainty and risk
  • Structuring decisions
  • Incorporating uncertainty
  • Valuing additional information and greater control
  • Understanding and managing risk

Day Three

Strategic Innovation and Design Thinking

  • Analyzing an industry
  • Constructing a constellation of insights
  • Fitting the pieces together
  • Evaluating consequences
  • Creating uniqueness
  • 6 Thinking Hats

Day Four

Value-Driven Enterprise Risk Management

  • Decisions reflect values; values drive decisions
  • Identifying values
  • Risk assessment matrix
  • Caution vs. Courage
  • Understanding tradeoffs
  • Shaping alternatives

Day Five

Collaborative Decision-Making and Negotiation

  • Using appropriate analyses
  • Staging decisions
  • Prioritise
  • Incorporating options
  • Integrating multiple perspectives
  • Converting Strategy into Action

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  • DATE    Oct 9 2022 - Oct 13 2022
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