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BMC Training provides Project , Procurement and Contracts Courses in London - Dubai - Kuala Lumpur - Istanbul - Paris - Bali - Houston - Rome - Madrid - Munich - Barcelona - Singapore - Berlin - Hong Kong - Zurich - Washington - New York - Online - Lucerne - Athens -

Code Course title Duration
PPC47 Advanced Contracts Translation One Week
PPC49 Advanced Legal Translation One Week
PPC34 Advanced Procurement Skills One Week
PPC28 Best Practices in Multishift Operations One Week
PPC5 Bootcamp for Project Management Professionals One Week
PPC35 Category Management in Procurement One Week
PPC48 Certified Training in Project Portfolio Management One Week
PPC17 Construction Site Management and Supervision One Week
PPC23 Contract Excellence for Non -Legal Professionals One Week
PPC19 Contracts - Reading, Writing and Negotiating One Week
PPC22 Contracts Management Specialist One Week
PPC46 e-Procurement: Developing, Implementing and Managing the Complete Process One Week
PPC6 Event Management Essentials One Week
PPC1 Feasibility Studies - Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation One Week
PPC7 IT Project Management One Week
PPC2 Negotiating and Dispute Resolutions One Week
PPC20 Negotiating, Drafting and Understanding Contracts One Week
PPC50 Primavera P6 Professional Fundamentals and Administration Two Weeks
PPC13 Project Cost Estimating Skills One Week
PPC43 Project Cost Estimating, Budgeting and Value Engineering Skills Two Weeks
PPC3 Project Management Essentials One Week
PPC12 Project Management Specialist One Week
PPC42 Project Planning, Scheduling and Cost Estimating Skills Two Weeks
PPC15 Project Scheduling and Cost Planning Skills One Week
PPC10 Project Scheduling and Planning Skills One Week
PPC4 Project Start-up Seminar One Week
PPC31 Purchasing Management Specialist One Week
PPC25 Purchasing Techniques, Negotiating and Cost Reduction One Week
PPC36 Purchasing Techniques, Negotiating, and Cost Reduction One Week
PPC16 Risk Assessment and Risk Management for Oil and Gas Projects One Week
PPC24 Service Level Agreements One Week
PPC51 Social Activities and Events Management One Week
PPC33 Strategic Purchasing and Supply Management One Week
PPC29 Supply Chain Best Practices One Week
PPC27 Tendering, Procurement and Negotiation Skills One Week
PPC38 Tendering, Procurement, and Negotiation Skills One Week
PPC41 The Complete Course on Contracts and Project Management Two Weeks
PPC39 The Complete Course on Contracts and Purchasing Management Two Weeks
PPC21 The Complete Course on Contracts Management One Week
PPC32 The Complete Course on Inventory Management One Week
PPC11 The Complete Course on Project Management Two Weeks
PPC40 The Complete Course on Purchasing and Inventory Management Two Weeks
PPC30 The Complete Course on Purchasing Management One Week
PPC18 The Essentials of Contracting One Week
PPC45 The Essentials of Contracting and Contract Negotiation Two Weeks
PPC9 Value Engineering Skills One Week
PPC37 Warehouse Management - Strategy, Implementation and Control One Week
PPC26 Warehouse Management Best Practices One Week
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