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BMC Training provides PR , Customer Services , Sales and Marketing Courses in London - Dubai - Kuala Lumpur - Istanbul - Paris - Bali - Houston - Rome - Madrid - Munich - Barcelona - Singapore - Berlin - Hong Kong - Zurich - Washington - New York - Online - Lucerne - Athens -

Code Course title Duration
PRC23 Advanced Customer Service Management One Week
PRC13 Advanced Key Account Management and Business Development One Week
PRC24 Advanced Public Relations Management One Week
PRC30 Airlines Tickets and Hotel Reservations Skills One Week
PRC22 Business Etiquette and Protocol One Week
PRC9 Certified Marketing Professional One Week
PRC18 Certified Public Relations Professional One Week
PRC17 Corporate Social Responsibility One Week
PRC5 Creative Retail Selling and Visual Merchandising One Week
PRC3 Customer Relationship Management System - CRM System One Week
PRC25 Customer Service Excellence One Week
PRC2 Distribution Channels - Optimizing Market Penetration One Week
PRC20 Events and Conferences Management One Week
PRC7 Key Account Management One Week
PRC6 Major Accounts Selling - Negotiating and Winning RFPs One Week
PRC26 Managing Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction One Week
PRC4 Marketing for Better Results One Week
PRC29 Presentation Skills One Week
PRC14 Product Launch and Management One Week
PRC12 Professional Brand Manager One Week
PRC33 Professional Sales and Time Management Two Weeks
PRC1 Professional Sales Manager One Week
PRC27 Public Relations and Corporate Communications One Week
PRC19 Public Relations and Media Skills One Week
PRC21 Public Relations Campaigns - From Planning to Execution One Week
PRC16 Retail Management Skills One Week
PRC10 Sales Professional Certificate One Week
PRC8 Sales Territory and Time Management One Week
PRC15 Social Media Marketing and Networking One Week
PRC32 The Advanced Complete Course in Communications and Media-Intensive Practices and Cases Studies Four Weeks
PRC31 The Complete Course in Public Relations Management Two Weeks
PRC28 The Customer Service and Public Relations Masterclass Two Weeks
PRC11 The Strategic Marketing Plan One Week
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